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Information for new patients

If you are new in town, or just looking for a trustworthy dentist who will give you proper advice and personal care, please call us now to make an appointment and come in for a visit. You will feel right at home.

First Appointment

Your First Appointment is a two-way process in which we find out your concerns about your mouth. We carry out an extensive examination with any appropriate x-rays, photographs and models. This allows us to have all the information to produce a treatment plan and estimate for the next visit.

Please complete our Patient Information Form here. Filling this form in beforehand will save time at your first appointment. Don't worry if you can't fill in everything - we can assist you when you arrive.

Medical Aid

Please note that we are contracted out of Medical Aid. You will need to settle your account on the day of consultation and claim back from your Medical Aid Provider.

Choosing your Dentist

Many people choose a dentist just because their location is convenient, or because they are the least expensive. This is not the way to go about selecting a dentist. These factors may play a role in your final decision; however, if you choose right the first time you will save money and time in the long run.

Conversely, a dentist who charges a large fee does not necessarily provide greater dental care. Also, you should avoid choosing a dentist based on flashy advertisements, paid-for media placements, or misleading claims that promise certain results within a certain time frame.

Instead, you should ask for a referral from someone you know and trust.

Once you have a name, you should Google them, check their background, affiliations, dental society standings. Find out about their practice (is it clean, up to date, and practicing proper infection control techniques).

The dentist you choose should be committed to a high standard of ethic, you should look for a dentist who has the ability to put you at ease, and who takes the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. Your dentist should take pride in what he does, and recognize the importance of educating the patients. He should be up to date with his continuing education and maintain a clean work environment, and treat his staff well. You should always feel that you are the first priority.

Nervous Patients

Dental health is an important component of overall health, but dental phobia, dental anxiety, dental fear, and fear of needles or anaesthesia are major obstacles to receiving proper dental care. Such problems are in fact remarkably common, and this is a field in which we have special skill.
When contacting the dental surgery to make an appointment, do not be embarrassed to explain you are a nervous patient.
Once you are with the dentist, explain what makes you anxious - different things affect different people, so talk to us. It is our aim to provide you with the best possible care. Do not be afraid to ask questions. We will tell you and show you as much or as little as you want.
It may help you to eat a light meal prior to your appointment. An empty stomach can increase anxiety, while a full stomach is more relaxing. Tea, coffee, etc should be avoided as these are both stimulants.


Our friendly, professional team welcome you to Umhlanga Dental.
Dr David Sykes

Dr David Sykes

BDS (Wits)

Dr Sykes provides a full range of state of the art dental treatments.



Dental Hygienist

Dental cleaning, gum-health, and expert advice for home care.



Dental Assistant

Dr Sykes' Right Hand Lady, ready to assist in all procedures.




Belinda Will assist with all your appointments, and pre-visit queries.

Affiliated specialists:

We work closely with local specialists to offer you the best in dental care.


Dr John Dancaster

031 563 6998


Dr Bradley Bredekamp

031 202 6104

Maxillo-facial & Oral Surgeon

Dr Eric Beaumont

031 582 5050

Maxillo-Facial & oral Surgeon

Dr TP Chettiar

031 000 0000

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